A visit to the Golden Gate Bridge

June 29, 2017

Golden Gate Bridge

After completing our daily chores at home, I came up with the idea to take my family somewhere so that we could chill out and recover from our lost energy. The first place that came to my mind was to go visit Napa CA. I invited everyone who wanted to come. While we were in the car everyone was quiet and did not seem cheerful. All I could tell is that they wanted to leave home and go somewhere but were reluctant about going to the place I had chosen because I never asked their opinion about where to go. When we were about to take the exit heading to Napa I decided to ask them if they would like to go to San Francisco instead and they all said yes excitedly. So we headed to San Francisco passing through San Rafael, Mill valley and Sausalito before we arrived to the Golden Gate bridge.

The view of the bridge from the highway was just stunning that we could not resist to stop by and take a look. We arrived there at the right time because it was not really crowded comparing to our previous visits. We followed a narrow path that snaked its way to the perfect spot. As we walked the bridge seemed to zoom in closer and closer and it was getting pretty windy. Of course we had visited the bridge before but we had seen it from a different angle in a different place. This by far had to be my favorite spot. Standing over a mountain that overlooked the bridge, it felt mesmerizing!

The bridge is gorgeous, and the city of San Francisco was right at the other side. We stood next to it, contemplating its beauty.

California has so many beautiful places to visit and San Francisco is one of them. I love this city a lot mainly because it has been giving me unforgettable moments to enjoy with my family.

    1. Oh my gosh, what a fun thing to do. A spontanious road trip with a family vote on the destination! I love it! I will have to do this really soon too. Love the pics. I’ve only been to San Francisco once, but I will always remember seeing that bridge at sunset!

    1. I have always wanted to see the Golden Gate bridge and will be making that trip as soon as possible! I really like your perspective in this article because that trip could have gone a lot differently but you really paid attention to your family. You made sure that quality family time was the focal of the trip instead of what you thought was fun.

    1. I had no idea there were all the other activities there and I have visited before! The more you know!

    1. The Golden Gate bride is on my bucket list. The view is stunning thanks for sharing family experience so awesome.

    1. We have been planning a trip here but nothing finalised yet. Whenever I see Golden Gate Bridge I feel it makes such a wonderful photo drop and a beautiful place to experience.

    1. It really is quitte a majestic and beautiful structure! I like that you took time to take in the views, your pictures are simply gorgeous! I’d love to visit it one day if I am lucky enough to see America.

    1. You were definitely lucky to find that area not so crowded, as I can imagine usually it is packed with tourists. You were also lucky to be there on a sunny day and enjoy the bridge in all its beauty.

    1. Great pictures first of all! The bridge looks just so beautiful! I’ve never been there but would love to visit, maybe sometime next year πŸ™‚

    1. Looks like a great visit! I’ve never been but hope to go there soon as I have now know some people living there that gives me a reason to visit!

    1. Such a lovely story! That spontaneous change of plans at the last minute are my speciality, they always turn out great!!

    1. I have on;y been to San Diego in California and LA, SF and Palm West are top on my bucket list of places to explore in Cali. Hope to visit there soon! Also, love your pictures!

    1. Wow!! The Golden bridge looks like a great spot for photography. I will definitely add this to my bucket list for our family travel. I am waiting for my kids to grow up. Such a stunning photos.

    1. San Fran is next on my travel list after I go to nyc next month! I’m so looking forward to visiting the Golden Gate Bridge! What an awesome experience!

    1. This looks like a great visit! I have this in my travel wishlist for next year to go there, also I have many relatives there but never got a chance to visit. I like the pictures too.

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