Head to the Top: The Sutro Tower & Twin Peaks of San Francisco,CA

October 8, 2017

Who would say no to an adventure of exploring new places which were just few miles away from where you at?

After a business appointment in one of the places in San Francisco we drove up ourselves to visit some of the closest attractive spots that we saw on our way. From a further view, we saw a tower prominently standing on the hills of the city, The Sutro Tower featured itself in the foggy skyline, it’s one of the city’s landmark.

We have seen this view in some famous movies and that is what made us eager to take a closer look and see it in reality. We had to park on the last street where the last home is and walked up hoping to get some beautiful views and that made us have a good walking adventure. It was a perfect cool sunny day near noon time when we reached the tower, the cold breeze blew constantly from the tall trees and wild flowers bloomed silently in the corner of tall grasses.

The sky started to clear as the day progressed and it made us saw the tower standing in the clear sky in stripes of red color and white. The surroundings of the tower was clean, peaceful, quiet and a pet friendly environment. There were big logs on the side-walks which I suppose were benches to rest upon.We walked around the place to explore some interesting things this place offered and as we walked a bit further we have discovered a view of a small water reservoir lying in few meters away down the lower hill. The water showed the reflection of the clear sky and sparkled with the sun’s heat, it was indeed very refreshing view. During our walk we saw beautiful sights of the city but it was not a full view of the entire city because there were some trees and houses blocking the view.ย  And from where we were, we saw cars passing the roads on the other hill close by and we thought of going there too with hopes to see a better view of the entire city. We headed where those cars where going and we saw a lot of people who were walking along the road uphill and taking pictures while enjoying the very nice view, it was for sure the perfect location for the view that we were looking for the whole city.

A very scenic and picturesque view of San Francisco, peaceful and lovely. It was sunny and windy, just so perfect to enjoy the moment of peace and beauty of the place. The Twin Peaks of San Francisco is one of the must visit destination for tourists or locals within the city, best for family or friends outdoor adventure exploration that could be a perfect place for dating couples.

It was my first time to visit these places and I will forever be thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to see all these wonders. Times like this will always be memorable to me.

Is it just me or would this be a place you would visit if you haven’t? I for sure will visit The Twin Peaks again when I get the chance.



    1. This looks beautiful! I would love to travel to San Fran, and if I do, I am going to check out the Twin Peaks!

    1. Wow, it looks beautiful. I need to move out of florida – seriously soon. Cali always looks appealing. Thanks for writing and sharing this post. What kind of camera do you use?

      1. I only use my Samsung S7 cam for those photos but hopefully soon I’ll have a better one. There are lots to visit here in California you will definitely love it.

    1. I have spent few days in San Francisco. Explored its zigzag lanes. Endless walks in interiors of city. And my cherished selfie at Golden Gate Bridge. This city is lovable.

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