Homemade Oreo Vanilla Marshmallow Ice Cream

May 24, 2017

Homemade Ice Cream

Craving for an ice cream? Why not make your own at home! It’s cheap, it saves your time, and most especially its fun to make it with the whole family! With just very few ingredients and very easy steps we have made a superb ice cream tasting the crunch of oreo cookies with the blend of cream and soft mallows! This Oreo Vanilla Marshmallow Ice Cream recipe would only require you 5 ingredients and does only need few easy preparations!


2 tsp Vanilla

2 cups Heavy Whip Cream

14 oz Condensed Milk

2-3 cups Crushed Oreos (desired amount)

2 cups Marshmallows (desired amount)

Preparation & Instructions:

 With an electrical mixer, beat the heavy whip cream for about 2-4 minutes or until soft stiff peaks formed. Add and stir in the condensed milk and the vanilla, mix or stir evenly into the whipped cream. When mixed, add 2 cups of crushed oreos and marshmallows and using a spatula mix to combine all into the mixture. Cover the container and freeze overnight or you can transfer it to a freezer safe ice cream container if desired. Once frozen, scoop into a glass or ice cream cups and it’s ready to be serve. Enjoy!

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