July 2, 2017

My First Pregnancy

Being married was already a life turning point for me, the change in my way of life had been very different and after just a few months we were blessed with our first baby. For a new mommy-to-be like me, pregnancy gave a big impact of change in my body and in my life. Going through the stages of pregnancy was not easy especially that it is my first and I’m new to all of these adjustments.

I’ve gone through my first trimester and I believe it was my toughest months so far though in the first month I didn’t really feel different but on the second and third months, I experienced morning sickness and I felt sick everyday like there was a sudden transformation of feelings, my mood varied fast from cheerful to feeling sick, I felt nauseous most of the time that resulted to a lot of throwing up, I’ve been picky with my food and craved for a certain kind, my skin gets so dry and I got tired very easily. I didn’t have the bump yet during those times but already felt weird with my tummy. I could still wear my casual clothes but my undies got more fitted, I believe my breasts had grown a little and began to gain weight which of course was normal.

In my second trimester, I felt more relieved with my morning sickness, less nauseated and throwing up but headaches were often. I also experienced some difficulty with my balance which made me very cautious with every step I made when walking. I started to realized that from the beginning of my 4th month of pregnancy, I started to pee a lot that I couldn’t hold it even with just a sneeze. With a single sneeze comes the drop of urine even before I reached the toilet, it would continue to its very last drop.There was an increased urine output than my usual daily urination no matter how much fluid I take everyday. I tried to consume fluid as much as I can to be hydrated and also to avoid any dizziness or headaches. With my eating habits, I tend to eat more food than what I consumed in the first 3 months and I always felt bloated after, it felt like there was no space left inside my tummy that it could explode anytime and this has caused a difficulty in sleeping at night. During these months, I also started to have some back pain but it was not a constant pain, it comes and goes away fast.

Though I know that this was just the beginning and that there will be a lot more ahead of me being a new mom, I know for sure that nurturing this special new life inside my womb is worth all the sacrifices and as parents-to-be, my husband and I are very eager to meet our little one soon. I would like to know your experience and any tips for new mom-to-be like, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. Loved this post! I am currently pregnant with my second daughter and when I first became a mom for the first time I wish I had all the knowledge I do now. Hang in there! The second trimester gets better just in time for the tiredness to sink in in the third. The body changes are definitely eye opening, at least they were for me. If you want to know anything shoot me an email, I love talking about babies and pregnancy 😊

      1. thanks Ally! I’ve visited your blog too and as I read through it I got inspired and it made me feel more excited with the things that are about to come. I’ll drop you an email sometime for any concerns in the future especially about my pregnancy. Thanks again!

    1. Luv pregnancy blogs these days. I am pregnant with my 3rd now:-)) luckily I haven’t had any morning sickness and nausea with any of my pregnancies and I could take all kinds of smells but with this 3rd one I am feeling lot more drained and tried. Like Ally mentioned it’s going to get a little easier in 2nd trimester and then third one would be again tiring as our body gets ready for labor and delivery! You r doing great. Keep it up. So excited for you to see your little one soon:-))

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