Sawyer Camp Trail San Mateo CA

December 22, 2017

Mia’s Little Feet Adventures: Sawyer’s Camp Trail

How about a getaway after Thanksgiving? Yes! that was another adventure of our baby, Mia’s little feet second outdoor adventure!

After the joy of thanksgiving at home, our family planned to go somewhere to spend a good time together outdoors. We wanted to enjoy the season outside and we wanted our baby to visit some place where she could feel the breeze of the nature in her skin. So we decided to go to a Camp Trail in San Mateo and then to a beach in Santa Cruz. Early in the morning after the joyful night of thanksgiving celebration, we got up and made ourselves ready. I packed all Mia’s needs including anything else she may needed and my loving husband’s job was to secured Mia’s carrier and stroller in the van while the rest of the family were in charge of the food. Before we left I had to feed baby and changed her diaper before we put her in her carrier and in the car seat. After all our valuables were prepared we put everything in the van then off we go!


Mia was sleeping so soundly in her car seat that she didn’t even bother the noise we made when we were sharing laughter and jokes while traveling. It took us an hour and a half to reached the camp.

Sawyer Camp is a part of Crystal Springs Regional Trail in the south of San Mateo County. It is best known for its lengthy trail which  bikers/cyclist, hikers, joggers and horseback riders love the most. It is a very popular recreation for families because there you can spend time exercising together while enjoying the serenity of the water reservoir and the shades of trees around the area.

When we arrived, we found numerous cars parked on the side of the road and that made it very difficult for us to find parking especially for the size of the van that we had, we needed big parking space to fit in. We needed to go back and forth to find the right spot and fortunately after 15 minutes or so we finally found a good space to park, it was not close to the camp entrance way but we didn’t have a choice.

Everybody got off the van while Mia tried to open her eyes and fully stretched her arms as she wondered where she was. We took her in her stroller and walked with everyone a few miles away towards the camp’s entrance. Restrooms were near the entrance gate, we took advantage of that and pee before walking on the trail. Once we started walking we saw a lot of people walking, jogging and biking, some were coming towards us and others were heading same direction as ours. It was a cool sunny day with lot of winds. We were glad that we were wearing our jackets and that we wrapped our baby well with blankets. While walking we got to see beautiful view of the water reservoir. The tranquility and the great landscape were breathtaking, it was such a very picturesque view. We saw benches along the side of the trail in several different spots to allow people to rest and hydrate. The trail was very long and we had to stop to rest and sat on one and feed Mia with bottle of milk. Nothing else was more special than to see our baby smirked as sunshine and cool wind kissed her face.We continued walking until we got tired and decided not to go further more. The trail seem to not have an end but the time we spent to walk was way worth it because it gave us a good time to talk and joke. Even though we did not get to the end of that trail we still had to praise ourselves because we made it long where we where that even felt like it was 3 miles and that for us was very long since we rarely do long walks. This was definitely a nice experience to unwind such lovely place and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves to have outdoor adventures.THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE TRAVELING TO THIS PLACE:

1. Expect to walk some distance away from the entrance of the camp because there are a lot of people visiting the place and parking is a bit difficult to find.

2. Sawyer Camp Trail does NOT allow dogs to enter. Not a dog- friendly area.


    1. 3 miles is a long walk. The trail looks like a great way to get some exercise and spend some quality time with family and friends.

    1. that looks like a great place to visit. I do tend to take my dogs so thanks for letting me know it’s not a place to take them.

    1. I can’t wait for some warmer weather so our family can enjoy some outdoor adventures. We put a lot of miles on our shoes!

    1. Sounds like a awesome little family trip that you were able to take. Love the pictures! Thank you for the tips about parking and pets! Good to know this info in case I ever get a chance to vist

    1. I’ve never heard of Sawyer Camp Trail. It looks so beautiful. Definitely appreciate your tip about expecting to walk some distance from the entrance due to the amount of visitors and limited parking. Would definitely have to plan ahead. And I love the idea of stroller walks. How lucky is your little one! 🙂

    1. I love getting out in nature and feeling the sun and breeze on my skin. There is just something about it that makes you feel refreshed and blessed to be alive! Your little one is lucky to have parents who appreciate nature and spending time outside!

    1. Taking this type of adventure with the family is a great way to discover and enjoy places and share it with the family. And it’s a great way to work on family fitness!

    1. What a beautiful idea to get out, get some exercise, see new places and spend quality time with your family! It looks very pretty there!

    1. Great idea to have long walks with family.This is good for family bonding and for energizing self too.
      Serves the purpose of freshening up.

    1. I love a long walk with great views. The Sawyer Camp trail looks wonderful and ideal for family adventures. Merry Christmas x

    1. It looks lovely and so peaceful there, a perfect gateway for a family. Glad to see you had a great time!

    1. Awww a hiking trip with loved ones sounds like such a great time. I definitely need to go on more walking trails with my dog and boo!

    1. The walks looks relaxingly beautiful. It is only pity that dogs are not allowed. Why?
      Are cats in a stroller allowed?

    1. Oh my goodness your baby girl is so cute. It’s so great that she is growing up doing outdoor activities. It’s so wonderful for her development. This sounds like a great day to spend with family. Happy Holidays!

      1. Thank you so much Natasha! Happy Holidays to you too and to your family!

    1. Ooooh this sounds like a great trip for baby Mia (and good news that she slept through all the chat and noise during the journey!). A bit disappointing that it’s not a dog-friendly area though, as I can imagine a lot of dogs would love to run around in all that space! x

      1. She liked car rides for sure and its really sad they don’t allow dogs in there but besides that its really a nice place.

    1. Oh wow Sawyer Camp trail looks fantastic and so picturesque. It’s a shame that it’s not dog friendly cause my doggie would absolutely love walking it.

    1. That sounds like a really picturesque place to adventure. Too bad you guys had a terrible time parking but it sounds like the walk and the view made up for that little nuisance.

      IG: @justmeomaya

    1. I love the expansion of stroller friendly trails. There weren’t many around when I had my 1st child but they seem to be popping up everywhere now and it is just fantastic that the whole family is able to get out now without having to struggle with the stroller on paths.

    1. I love going on nature walks! Something about connecting makes it so satisifying. It’s a shame about it not be dog friendly, but I guess in a way I understand it.

    1. Sawyer Camp Trail looks so beautiful and relaxing. I love stroller walks with my little ones, it is always so relaxing in the fresh air and nature. I am glad you had an amazing time, beautiful pictures.

    1. Your post reminded me of a trail that I did some time ago in Spain. Parking is not allowed at the beginning of the trail in summer because it is very popular so you have to park up the hill, about 1 mile away. Going down it’s easy but coming back up it’s very steep and takes away all the energy you might have left after the hike.

    1. It seems that you really had an amazing trip. and Sawyer Camp Trail looks relaxing and love the peaceful ambiance of that place. Sounds so soothing.

    1. oh!! It looks like you had a wonderful trip with Mia and Sawyer Camp Trail looks like a refreshing and perfect place to meditate. I would love to take a trip there someday.

    1. ‘Sawyers Camp looks like a bunch of fun! Sounds like you guys had a great adventure together!

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