Sunflower Field, Davis CA: Checking the Bucket List!

July 23, 2017

Field of Sunflowers in Davis California

             I am a huge lover of flowers and that Flower Farm had always been one of my dream bucket list place to go to. This past week we went to Sacramento and while on our way, passing by the roads of Davis we saw a beautiful blooming field of sunflowers. I felt so amazed with the stunning yellow colors brightly shining under the sun’s heat in the widest field. My husband knew how I loved flowers so to satisfy my excitement he explored the road and drove into a rocky trail going to the field. We passed through a train railroad and in a few more distance there was an open gate with a sign board saying “Private, No Trespassing”.

            To my surprise, without hesitation my husband just continued driving breaking in into the property closer to the field of flowers.            I saw the charming scenery of the field just a few steps away from where we parked. I had the spark of joy that delighted my eyes when I saw the blooming field of bright yellow shades from the big flowers.

            It was amazing to see how these flowers grew together so tall and bloom as big as they can in a very hot season. It was noon time, a perfect timing of summer which I believed was the sunflower’s fullest peak blossom. It stood high and swayed with the blowing wind. I had the urge and excitement to see the flowers up close but I was reluctant to do so because of the bees that were swarming around, here I realized that bees were very common to sunflower farms. Though I was hesitant I still took my steps towards the flowers and with my very supportive husband he guided me to get so close to a single flower.

             It was my first time to have seen how big sunflowers can grow and measure how tall its stems could reach. It was simply a wonderful experience, we had fun taking some videos and photographs and enjoyed watching the bees that buzzed around each flower.

It was a hot day but indeed a very worth the risk experience.

            Though being mindful that we had just taken the chance of breaking in into the private property, we allowed ourselves to enjoy together the lovely moment of being in a very beautiful place like this. My happiness to achieve one of my dream bucket list was fulfilled by my loving husband and it was a very memorable moment for the two of us together that will surely last a lifetime.

            If you are looking for some outdoor adventure, why not try to visit such a lovely place of flower farms like a sunflower field. It’s one way to take a break from the normal routine and usual environment. A great walk along the beautiful flowers will relax your mind and it’s a fun way to at least enjoy a moment of peace and appreciate nature’s beauty.

Have you been in a flower farm or flower field and had the same experience or experience more fun than we did? Let us know where, we would appreciate to hear the story of your experience.

    1. How fun!! Sunflowers are my favorite flower and we’re everywhere at our wedding. I’ve never been to a field like this before…. may be an add to my own bucket list!

    1. I was pretty amazed too….didn’t know sunflowers can be so tall…as tall as a person…. such a lovely experience!

    1. Love! Brings a smile to my face. One of the ways God makes his beauty known.

    1. Wow! The sunflowers are absolutely beautiful! I love the picture of you facing the field of flowers.

    1. Just beautiful! We didn’t get to see sunflowers this year, they didn’t bloom for very long. Hopefully we can see them next year.

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