Thanksgiving Full of Love and A Joyous Holidays

November 18, 2017

September 19th, 2017,

“Here at the hospital with mom waiting for my daughter to be born.

My wife is suppose to be due on September 29th but it looks like our baby wants to come out of her mother’s tummy soon. My wife woke up around 5 and started to feel false or initial contractions whatever they call them. Then an hour passed and she had to get up and see if the pain could lessen or go away. The whole family was already up getting ready to go to work and for school. We told them the news that the baby is giving signs to come soon. We had to change our plans and I had to stay home and be there in case the contractions get worse. Another 2 hours passed by and the contractions just got worse and that was simply because the time of labor was approaching and I had to call mom to come back home from work so that she could be with us. She came back and ask about the symptoms and from her experience she was able to tell that it was time to go to the hospital.

So we headed to the hospital and since it was during day time we had to go straight to the lobby and check in instead of just going to the emergency room. There was a guard right in front of the entrance checking who goes in and out and when we told her that she was about to give birth the guard immediately told us to come upstairs and that is exactly what we did and they started to check her and run some test about the contractions and from their understanding the baby wasn’t far. Her cervix was already opened enough for them to tell that the baby might come soon. My wife was then admitted immediately and we were transferred to another room while all the nurses prepared all the medical supplies for baby’s delivery.

I saw my wife with lots of pain with the contractions getting stronger and stronger every single time but we were very thankful that with the Epidural that they have done for her (spinal tap) the pain was gone. As I asked her how she felt after the shot she just smiled and said that she can only feel the pressure now and with that I felt relieved of worrying.

We thought baby will come out soon after the epidural but its been almost 8 hours since we got here in the hospital and baby is not coming out yet. My wife was asleep for now as preparation for the pushing later. According to the nurse the epidural delays labor longer so probably we have to wait few more hours until baby is ready to come out.

I am very excited and I can’t wait to see her soon!”

This is a draft made by my husband the day I’m about to deliver our very first baby. He was my strength against pain of labor and he was my all time support after delivery too (blessed wife me lol). When we finally see baby, the tears of joy just flowed in our eyes. The realization how blessed we are to be a new parent for such a wonderful blessing was instant and undeniable. Words couldn’t describe well the feeling we have experienced that very first second we saw our baby. She just made us a family with me as Mommy and with Daddy. She was our biggest gift this year, our greatest blessing to be thankful for this thanksgiving and our bunch of joy this coming Christmas.

How about you what’s your greatest blessing this year? Have you ever wonder how blessed you are with the things you have right now?

For sure, there’s always a reason to celebrate and to be thankful for each year! A Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holidays in Advance!

    1. My goodness, what a blessing indeed. Congrats on your bundle of joy. My blessing will always be the love of my family and God that guides me

      1. She is indeed the greatest blessing of our family! Thank you so much for the wishes!

      1. I felt the same when I read it the first time. Thanks Alaina for dropping by our page.

    1. We don’t have thanksgiving in Australia and I’ve always wanted experience one. Huge congratulations on your bundle of joy!

    1. Congratulations on your blessing, so adorable! I am thankful for so many things and my health and relationships the most.

    1. This is so cute, I love that your husband drafted a post. Your baby is adorable too, what a blessing for you and your family. Enjoy the holidays.

    1. Your baby is super cute! I love the way how your husband drafted a post! I’m thankful for few of my major accomplishments this year!

    1. Good fathers are adorable husbands. My husband made a video and also set up a gmail account for our daughters the day they were born.
      Congratulations to you!

    1. Beautiful story. Beautiful baby. I am most thankful for life and family. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My blessed moment of this year was when I climbed mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of continent Africa in Tanzania.

    1. Oh my goodness! This is so adorable! I teared up a little bit!! I love the way he drafted this post. Congratulations on your beautiful blessing!

    1. It’s lovely to read about your husband’s feelings and emotions while waiting for you to give birth. It is a very sacred duty and he actually managed to bring out his excitement and happiness! Looking forward to sneak a peek of your family photo (baby + you guys) soon!

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